Adverse effects of cartoons on kids and their personality

Whether parents like it or not media has become an integral part of kids’ lives. Almost all children prefer spending time in front of cartoon TV channels, where cartoons are shown all day long. Television is not the only source of cartoons. When children have acquired an access to the internet they shifted from watching TV to watching cartoons online.
The effect of cartoons on children’s development has been discussed worldwide by various scientists. According to general idea the following points should be mentioned:

Emotional sphere
Cartoon characters in full length animated movies cause strong emotional bonding with young viewers. Some characters, Disney Princess, for example, can be a source of positive emotions: compassion, kindness, love, helpfulness etc. but some cartoons cause negative emotional backgrounds – hatred, grief, aggression and others. Depending on what types of cartoons a child watches, various emotions can be cultivated.

Role model
At an early stage of development children serve as an informational conductor. They look at their parents’ behavior and try to copy it. Cartoons have tons of behavioral patterns and very often they can carry subliminal messages which can have a negative impact on the future actions of kids. To some extent negative examples can serve as a basis of some wrongdoings. The more often children observe negative images the greater risk of bad actions can be expected. If children watch positive cartoons, they will see positive examples.

There is dual opinion of how cartoon violence influences children. Some scientists state that extreme violence gives birth to a greater violence, while others consider violence an excellent antistress item. A violence influence can greatly differ from one child to another. A greater deal of attention should be given to children with sudden aggression outbursts. Unexpected violence can be the result of watching cartoons too much.

A cartoon, where main character carries an idea of some moral value has a positive impact. Negative moral examples have an opposite effect. Cartoons with a greater amount of information have a greater educational value.

Health problems
Spending a lot of time in front of the screen can result in insomnia, overweight, problems with eyes or other mental or physical disorder. To reduce negative impact of cartoons one shouldn’t forbid watching cartoons, but do various things that can distract them: play games, travel, read books together etc.
Remember! Spending time with parents is the best way to reduce the influence of cartoons on children.