Sometimes having just toys is not enough. We offer a set of simple water games for kids, which can bring a lot of fun.

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Throw a Balloon. For this game you will require plain balloons and water. Fill the balloons with water and the let the children throw it to each other, while standing in a circle. The ball is thrown until it is dropped and splashed all over. The game is not only entertaining, but it will also train coordination and accuracy.

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Go Catch Some Fish. This game will require some ping-pong balls or any other floating round objects. Object are fishes that are thrown into the water and kids should catch as much of them as possible is the given period of time.
I See a Shark. One kid is a shark and others are little fishes. The shark swims in the water and catches fishes. Each time it catches somebody, the fish turns into a shark and game starts anew.
A water copycat. A leader performs different movements in the water and other kids repeat them. In several turns the leader is changed.
A Treasure Hunt. This game is for good swimmers only and should be conducted under adult guidance. Sinkable objects are placed under the water and kids should find them.

Have a nice holiday with your kids during summer!

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