Summer is a magical word for all children. It is an excellent time for spending time with friends and parents. Children relax from a hard year of studies at school, gather strength for the next educational year.

Summer is the best time for recreation and water sources are the best places. Here at mysunnyboo toys store we have prepared for you pieces of information on top items, which you can take during trips to the swimming pool, seaside, lake or ocean and read the list of fine water activities.

Outdoor Toys and Learning Toys (perfect for  Playground, Backyard, Beach, or Park):

Spider-Man Beach Ball

Disney Princess Beach Ball

A beach ball with kid’s favorite cartoon heroes like Spiderman, Sponge Bob or Disney Princess is a great idea. A simple inflatable ball will find room in every bag or car trunk. Ball is a popular summer gaming item. Children will have fun, while playing football, volleyball, beach ball or any other activity, where a ball is necessary.

Summer is just the time to learn swimming. A pair of arm floaties will become an excellent helper during learning. Pictures of various cartoon heroes will turn learning into a fun game.

Outdoor Toys Helps Girls and Boys Learn to Swim:

A sand digger is a nice gaming tool for little kids on a sandy beach. They can use this item to build simple object and even castles with this useful tool. It will be a nice stuff for developing creative skills.

In case your child is too small or you want to have a swimming pool at your backyard, buying a portable rubber swimming-pool. It is easy to handle and safe for kids. Just add some water and have fun!
To finalize everything, the best idea would be to buy kids summer fun set in our online shop and have tons of useful summer stuff with a single click of a mouse.