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Make Reading And Music A Part Of Your Child’s Life

Reading may be an obvious one to excel your child’s intelligence but not only does it help them to read but it also develops your child’s appetite for knowledge. It allows their brain to process situations, creating further perspective and sparks imagination that can benefit all areas of their life. Their thirst for knowledge will develop rapidly if exposed to different topics and ideas and again making connections to the world around them.

Music can pose so many amazing effects on a child’s brain. Many studies have shown that getting a child to listen to music not only boosts attention, motivation, learning and memory skills but also lowers stress. Stress can have a detrimental effect on how the young brain operates – not something you want at such a crucial time in development. Learning a musical instrument is also great as it targets the brain’s proportional thinking and spatial temporal reasoning so raise smart kids the creative way and pave for well-rounded, life-smart children.


Making bird feeders with your kids

Making bird feeders for the back yard and garden is fun and easy craft ideas


Coke bottle bird feeder


Homemade bird feeders


Make a DIY bird feeder and attract beautiful birds to your very own backyard.


Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder




Learn how to make a paper plate snowman craft for kids! It’s a great winter art project during the holidays.



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